Transform Your Checks with PSTrax
Tuesday, May 9, 2023 • 10am (CST)


In this webinar, we went over the entire PSTrax system from a high level. We spoke about each of our modules, what they do, how to manage them and what types of reports our system can generate to help make your job easier.

  • Automate your rig checks to make inspections simple.
  • Streamline supply tracking while reducing inventory issues.
  • Monitor lifecycles for mission-critical SCBA & PPE gear.
  • Assign & document inspections, tests, repairs & more.
  • Schedule inspections for inventory, supply checks, chores, maintenance & more.
  • Track controlled substances from vial handoffs to restocks.
If you missed the live webinar, request the recording here. You can also join one of our monthly General Overview Webinar .. check out the schedule here. Or request a one-on-one demo for you and your department by filling out this form! 

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